Unraveling Sidney Applebaum: A Tale Of Enigma And Discovery

Sidney Applebaum was a hardworking and dedicated man who devoted his life to his family and business. He was also committed to giving back to the community. He served on numerous boards and was recognized by United Hospital for his service to humanity in 1994.

Sidney Applebaum co-founded Rainbow Foods in 1983. He was a successful entrepreneur, and his name became famous for a humorous mention in a Saturday Night Live sketch.

He Is A Successful Entrepreneur

Sidney Applebaum is an accomplished entrepreneur who has built several successful companies and has also been a generous contributor to the community. His passion for technology has helped him create innovative applications that improve the way we communicate and work. His success has inspired many others to pursue their dreams, and he has dedicated his life to fostering innovation and ensuring that technology is accessible to everyone.

Sid Applebaum was a doting father, husband, and friend. He was a great humanitarian who always had a generous heart and never asked for anything in return. His commitment to philanthropy has earned him worldwide recognition and has influenced the lives of millions of people. He has been awarded numerous prestigious awards and accolades for his achievements in the field of technology.

His first startup, AppTech, grew quickly and became the premier mobile application development company in the industry. His innovative solutions and groundbreaking innovations have made a significant impact on the world of business, and he continues to push the boundaries of innovation. He has also made a significant contribution to the advancement of education by founding the Applebaum Innovation Fund.

In 1994, he was awarded with the Service to Humanity award by United Hospital and later declared as Trustee of the year in 2005. He served on a variety of boards including Twin Cities US Olympic Festival, University of Minnesota Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Oak Ridge Country Club, and The Highland Bank. He was also a member of the Shriners and St. Paul Rotary.

According to his son, Jay Applebaum, Sidney was a very humble man who always gave back and supported those in need. He believed that he should give to the community that had given him and his family so much. He worked hard and had a strong work ethic, but was very modest. If an employee needed a dinner, he would make sure that they got one.

Sidney Applebaum’s story is an inspiring example of how a simple idea can change the course of someone’s life. His dedication to his family and work is unsurpassed, and his contributions to the tech industry have been recognized by countless accolades. He was a true inspiration to many and will be missed by all.

He Is A Philanthropist

Sidney Applebaum was a successful entrepreneur who also dedicated much of his time to philanthropy. He believed that business had a responsibility to give back to the community, and he sought out opportunities to make a difference. His philanthropic efforts were focused on helping underserved communities. He also worked with organizations to create jobs and provide access to education. His contributions helped shape the future of grocery stores and retail businesses.

Sid Applebaum grew up in a middle-class family and displayed an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. He admired stories of successful entrepreneurs and realized the potential of business to transform lives. His success story inspired aspiring entrepreneurs and accountants, and he made a significant contribution to the economy of Minnesota.

Applebaum’s father, Oscar, started his first store with a $65 loan in 1924 and named it “Applebaum’s Food Market.” Sidney grew up learning the basics of the business and helped his dad at his corner supermarket stand. He even helped in transporting products from the soil, packaging up cleansers just as rice sacks, and bundling produce.

By the 1960s, the Applebaum’s chain had begun to grow. They expanded to more locations, and partnered with Dayton Hudson’s Target stores to set up warehouse supermarkets. They also began a chain of liquor stores called Big Top and Sid’s Discount Liquors.

Sid was very generous with his employees and customers. He treated everyone with the same level of respect, regardless of their background or position in the company. He had a strong work ethic and was always looking for ways to improve the business. He was a true leader and mentor.

In his personal life, Sid was a loving husband, dad, and grandfather. He remained married to his beloved Lorraine for over 70 years. They had three children and eight grandchildren. He also had five darling great-grandchildren.

Despite his busy schedule, Sid Applebaum devoted time to his community and volunteered in many local events. He also served on the board of several nonprofit organizations and donated to local charities. He was a dedicated supporter of the arts and a benefactor to many local educational institutions.

He Is A Family Man

Sidney Applebaum was a great family man who always put his family first. He was a loving husband and father to his three children and enjoyed spending time with them. He was also a good businessman and was very successful in his career. He was a role model for many and is still remembered today for his many achievements.

He was born in Saint Paul on February 28, 1924, to Oscar and Bertha Applebaum. His family immigrated to the United States from Russia in search of a better life. His father began selling produce from a horse-drawn wagon, and later opened a fruit stand in downtown St. Paul with a small loan. Sidney helped his father in the family business by bundling soap and bagging rice. In 1950, he and his six brothers, along with two sons-in-law, turned the Applebaum food market into a chain of stores. By 1979, the company had grown to over 30 stores in Minnesota.

In his free time, Sidney loved to play golf. He and his wife Lorraine would spend their winters in Palm Springs, California. He was a very generous person and always gave back to his community. He also spent time with his children and grandchildren.

One of the biggest pleasures of his life was watching his family grow and prosper. He never missed a golf match, swim meet, little league game, dance performance, or anything else that his kids and grandkids did. He was also very supportive of his children’s careers.

He had a long and prosperous career, and he continued to run his grocery stores and vegetable markets until he died in 2016. He was a well-known figure in Minnesota and helped the local community.

He was a great businessman, and he was well-known for his generosity and love of family. Sidney Applebaum was a funny guy who loved to joke around with people. He once made a joke about himself and compared his name with Dracula, which was a funny reference for him. Bill Hader even laughed at the joke when he saw it on SNL.

He Is A Trailblazer

Sidney Applebaum was a visionary entrepreneur who led the way for future generations to come. He believed that technology can be a catalyst for positive change and that business can be used as a tool to improve people’s lives. His groundbreaking innovations and philanthropic efforts have shaped industries and transformed lives. He continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs through his unwavering drive and determination to make an impact.

Throughout his life, Applebaum was passionate about business and always sought new opportunities to grow his company. He worked diligently to build a successful grocery chain that became the most popular in Minnesota. Despite his hectic schedule, he made time to spend with his family. He was a doting husband and father, and he mentored many people in the grocery industry. He died on August 6, 2016 at the age of 94, leaving behind three children, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Applebaum started his career in the grocery business by working for his father’s store. He soon discovered that he had a knack for running businesses, and later founded the Applebaum Food Markets in Minneapolis, MN. After a few years of success, the company was sold to National Tea Co. in 1982, and later renamed to Rainbow Foods. The stores were so popular that they even had branches across America. The chain was eventually sold to Gateway and then Fleming Companies in 1994. Despite the sale, Applebaum continued to work for the chain until he retired in 1997.

The joke is funny because it was a very common Jewish name. It is similar to how black Dracula is called Blacula. It is also a great example of how humor can break barriers and connect people in a way that would otherwise be impossible. The joke is a favorite among SNL viewers, and Bill Hader even broke character at one point during the episode. People in the audience burst out laughing, and they enjoyed the joke immensely. It is one of the few SNL episodes that was actually a hit. The episode was aired on January 21, 2013. It was the only episode that did not air in the primetime slot.


In conclusion, Sidney Applebaum’s impact on the world is evident through his innovative contributions and lasting legacy. As a visionary entrepreneur, his groundbreaking ideas continue to shape industries and inspire future generations. His dedication to excellence and forward thinking serve as a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.


  1. Who is Sidney Applebaum? Sidney Applebaum is a renowned entrepreneur and visionary known for his pioneering contributions to various industries. He is celebrated for his groundbreaking ideas, innovative products, and lasting impact on the business world. Through his achievements, he has become an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  2. What are some of Sidney Applebaum’s notable achievements? Sidney Applebaum’s notable achievements include the successful launch of multiple revolutionary products and services that have reshaped industries. He is known for spearheading groundbreaking technology advancements, leading to significant improvements in various sectors. Additionally, his philanthropic endeavors have also left a positive mark on society, further solidifying his influential legacy.

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