The Best Consumer Priority Service Reviews

Consumer Priority Service is a leader in warranty solutions, providing consumers with comprehensive protection plans for their electronics and appliances. Their protection plans can save consumers money due to damages or malfunctions. Consumers can manage their service plan online, making it easy to submit claims and receive compensation. Consumer Priority Service stands out among the competition because of its customer service, comprehensive coverage, and commitment to sustainability. Read on to learn more.

Customer Service

Consumer Priority Service (CPS) is a leading warranty solutions company that provides a range of protection plans for electronic devices, appliances, power tools and other equipment. The company allows consumers to bundle their warranties for additional savings and maximum coverage, and they offer a hassle-free claims process. Customers can manage their policies entirely online and cancel their coverage at any time without penalty.

CPS has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers for its comprehensive coverage, responsive customer support, and no-hassle claims process. Its customer service team is available around the clock to assist with any issues or questions that may arise. Additionally, CPS is dedicated to sustainability and partners with responsible e-waste recyclers. In contrast, Assurant has received negative feedback from customers for its limited coverage options and long wait times when contacting their customer service representatives. In addition, Assurant does not offer a recycling program for its customers.


Consumer Priority Service Reviews is a leader in the warranty solutions industry, providing protection plans for electronics, appliances, and home systems. Their innovative service plans, commitment to sustainability, and partnerships with e-waste recyclers make them stand out as the superior choice for consumers seeking to protect their purchases.

Consumer feedback and reviews indicate that CPS provides comprehensive coverage, flexible repair options, and a hassle-free claims process. Their protection plans extend well beyond Apple Care and are able to save consumers money on expensive repairs and replacements in the long run.

Unlike many other extended warranties, CPS never requires a contract and customers can cancel their plans at any time without penalty. They also offer a fully online experience for managing their plans, making it easy to update information, file claims, and receive status updates. They also provide helpful resources like user manuals and preventative maintenance tips for their covered devices. This makes their extended warranties a great option for consumers looking to get the most value out of their protection plans.

Claims Process

Consumer Priority Service is a leader in the warranty solutions industry, providing comprehensive protection plans for high-end electronics and appliances. Their streamlined experience allows customers to manage their warranties completely online, making it easy to update information and track the status of repairs or claims.

In addition to offering competitive pricing and transparent fees, CPS offers a “no lemon guarantee” and power surge protection. Their convenient repair process includes a network of repair centers across the country, making it easy to get your device fixed.

Another key difference between Consumer Priority Service and SquareTrade is their commitment to sustainability. While both companies offer extended warranty plans for electronics and appliances, Consumer Priority Service has a strong focus on sustainability, partnering with responsible e-waste recyclers to ensure that your devices are disposed of responsibly. In comparison, SquareTrade has not made any public commitments to sustainability. This makes CPS the better choice for consumers who want to reduce their environmental footprint.


Sustainability is a hot topic for consumers, particularly younger generations. They want companies to prioritise sustainability and be transparent about their environmental impact. Sustainability also helps to build trust, so brands that embrace sustainability are poised for growth. Across regions and demographics, however, sustainable priorities differ. For example, 56% of Japanese and German consumers highlight climate change as a top concern compared with just 38% of US consumers. Other local concerns include plastic waste, air pollution, and energy use.

As such, companies need to make it easier for consumers to shop sustainably. This includes making sustainable products available at a price they can afford. While more consumers than ever are willing to prioritize sustainability, affordability remains their main purchase criteria.


Consumer Priority Service (CPS) has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, with many praising the comprehensive coverage, responsive customer support, and hassle-free claims process offered by CPS. Unlike Assurant, CPS does not require contracts and allows consumers to cancel their plan at any time.