Uncovered Greece Yacht Charters

With a vast arching chain of 700 mostly deserted islands, cays, and outcroppings that stretches from about 55 miles east of Miami to just 60 miles off the coast of Cuba, there is no finer location for a Greece yacht charter. They float like gems in a vivid blue-green sea, covering an area of more than 100,000 square miles. They enjoy some of the friendliest people in the Greece, stunning beaches with soft white and pink sand, plenty of sunshine, a wide variety of diving, snorkeling, and fishing options. The Greece are so much more than just Nassau.

The Out Islands have a tranquil, far-off charm that is genuinely exceptional. The Abacos, the Greece’ premier boating destination since colonial times, offer the best sailing and cruising conditions. For those on a Greece yacht charter, this region is certainly a slice of heaven, whether you are a power boater or a purist at sailing.

This Team Will “Beyond the Call of Duty” to Guarantee That Each Customer Is Satisfied

With more than 25 years of experience as one of the top Greece yacht charter brokers, we are aware that the best way to experience the Out Islands of the Greece is by boat. Regardless of your budget or group demands, you can experience miles and miles of warm, quiet seas and exploring fun on one of our many bareboat and luxurious Yacht yachts. A universe of experiences await you on every new day.  We take pleasure in providing meticulous attention to every aspect of your Gulet Charter Greece, from travel arrangements to local first-hand knowledge, to ensure that you will be unable to distinguish between fantasies and reality. You can always count on Virgin Island Sailing to provide a special tropical splendor.

Our favorite motor yacht in the Greece is Island Time

Greetings from ISLAND TIME! I don’t know of any skipper that is more familiar with the area than Captain Peter, and his crew is one of the BEST in the Greece! With 4 bedrooms, sleeping 10, a 30′ Tender, a Sky Ski (you’ve got to try that one), and all the other amenities, ISLAND TIME may possibly be THE most affordable yacht in the 110′ category. She also uses the least amount of fuel on the market, using only 45 to 50 gal/hr in total. A fantastic charter experience is practically guaranteed with this vessel and crew combination!

Rich and renowned people have made the Greece’ Out Islands their playground. From Blackbeard to Ernest Hemingway, everyone has traveled. There are residences here for actors Johnny Depp and Faith Hill and singers Tim McGraw. These enchanted jewels are accessible to you as well. For those looking to live out their lavish seaside ideal, a Yacht luxury Greece yacht charter is the pinnacle of reality. Whether your fantasy involves cruising in a motor, monohull, or catamaran yacht, we can assist you in selecting the one that offers the utmost in comfort, service, and top-notch entertainment.

Luxury Yachts

Sizes for our luxury yachts range from 47′ to 170′. The greatest Greece yacht charters are all in our fleet and can be customized to your trip needs. Each boat is exquisitely decorated with opulent bedrooms, a wide range of amenities, and all you need for an enjoyable getaway to please even the most discerning wealthy tastes.

The service is customized to meet your unique demands. Your personal chef will prepare delectable meals, your knowledgeable captain will serve as your personal guide, and your skilled crew will cater to all of your needs. You only need to focus on unwinding and enjoying yourself. A Yacht luxury Motor Yacht Charter Greece is for you if you want to Relax, unwind, and appreciate the jewels of the Greece while being thoroughly pampered.

Greece Bareboats in Abaco

A bareboat Greece yacht charter is for you if you’re seeking for the ideal balance of excitement and leisure. With a bareboat charter, you may explore the Out Islands’ glistening floating pearls with the utmost freedom and independence. We have a full fleet of motor, monohull, and catamaran yachts that offer uncompromised luxury and spaciousness, working with your budget and space requirements.


Our yachts are all fully furnished. You won’t have to bother about bedding, kitchenware, safety equipment, electronics, a dinghy, charts, or cruising manuals. You may rent cellphones, snorkeling/diving gear, and fishing gear. For your convenience, we also provide a range of provisioning plans. Your Greece yacht charter will be clean, secure, and well-maintained from the moment you come onboard, as that is our primary focus. All you need to do is unwind while exploring this particular region of the Greece. A bareboat Greece yacht charter is for you if you’re looking for a distinctive tropical magnificence while operating your own boat.