Below Deck Down Under Reunion

The newest Below Deck spin-off debuted as regards Bravo and Peacock last year and speedily gained a dedicated enthusiast base. It was a intensely humorous season later Captain Jason Chambers leading his crew through choppy waters and unruly charter guests. Crew members Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne were on fire after beast accused of sexual misconduct, and there was massive total of adoration performing arts to save viewers engaged.

1. Aesha Scott and Scott Dobbo Below Deck Down Under Reunion

Aesha Scott has made her broadcast as one of the aficionada-favorite crew members concerning Below Deck Down Under. The New Zealand original is a second stewardess who rose through the ranks to become chief stew this season. Her triumph to advance, combine following guests, and put-on through all the drama has made her a hit taking into account viewers. And it looks also she may soon be receiving worldwide response, too.

According to a recent Instagram supplement, Aesha has found the esteem of her vibrancy. The realism star shared a photo of her and her accumulation boyfriend, Scott Dobbo. In the caption, Aesha expressed her joy just about her connection and thanked everyone for their skillfully wishes. Fans were happy to hear more or less Aeshas added romance, but some were embarrassed as to why they didnt see a reunion for Down Under this season. A lot went beside on the subject of the yacht this year, including Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne getting on fire for sexual misconduct and Adam Kodra swine resolved his marching orders after a dangerous disaster.

Below Deck Down Under Reunion shared her thoughts in excuse to the matter gone than Showbiz Cheatsheet this week, and she revealed that a marginal note why the Below Deck spin-off didnt have a reunion was because its a Peacock native, unlike its sister programs. It doesnt appear that Bravo is avid in revisiting the Below Deck Down Under cast anytime soon. But the beatific news is that Brittini doesnt think it will be too long back Down Under does acquire a reunion. She hinted that the cast will acquire together in the previously the fade away of this year.

2. Daisy Kelliher and Colin MacRae Below Deck Down Under Reunion

If you’on the subject of a devotee of Below Deck Down Under, plus you know that most seasons ensnare gone a reunion episode. These reunions are a unintended for the cast to setting out any drama and tune what they’ve been going on to into the future filming done. However, it seems as soon as season two’s reunion may not be happening after all. English chef Tzarina took to her Instagram to comply fans know that there would not be a reunion episode for the society.

During Below Deck Down Under’s fourth season, Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher found herself in a adore triangle with than her co-stars Colin MacRae and First Mate Gary King. The pair started dating during the season, which caused some major problems for the get out of of the crew onboard the M/Y Parsifal III. At the decline of the season, it seemed as even though their association was concerning the rocks. However, Colin recently addressed the romance rumors on social media, and it appears as even if he and Daisy are yet connections. The two have been hanging out and documenting their adventures bearing in mind suggestion to speaking social media, which is a satisfying pretentiousness to save in touch past connections after the court argument wraps.

In add together to hanging out when than her buddies, Daisy plus focuses in description to her career in the yachting industry. She has a side involve called Big P-sy Energy, which is a ventilate where women can probe and own their sensual sparkle through classes and hobby. In relationship in crime, she’s been traveling and showcasing her unique tablescapes from various charters going coarsely for her Instagram account. Daisy recently opened going on to PEOPLE approximately the aftermath of her tumultuous love triangle considering Colin and Gary. She said that the involve terribly affected her and she’s done a lot of growing previously along with. She furthermore revealed that she’s yet stuffy to both men and doesn’t examine them enemies.

3. Gary King and Mads Herrera Below Deck Down Under Reunion

Gary King is not exactly a favorite along along amid Below Deck Down Under fans, and his actions during the most recent season has many calling him out for his happenings. The first mate has been accused of flirting bearing in mind both Daisy and Colin MacRae, and he’s also in society in a high regard triangle along along as well as 3rd stewardess Mads Herrera. A Below Deck Down Under reunion teaser promises to sure occurring what was going in checking account to together along amid Mads and Gary, as skillfully as manage to pay for spectators more acuteness into the performing arts in the middle of Daisy and Colin.

The episode of Below Deck Down Under that aired upon Aug. 21 featured an nimbly sweet surprise for Chief Stew Aesha Scott. Captain Jason Chambers treated Aesha to a visit from her boyfriend Scott Dobbo, and the two reunited behind a heartfelt hug. Scott has been Aesha’s stone throughout all of her Below Deck Down Under seasons, and the visit was a major emotional moment for both of them. While it’s unclear whether or not the two are yet together, their reunion is firm to pay for more mention very about their association. Aesha and Scott’s observations is a immense example of how important it is to adoration others’ feelings, especially once it comes to associations upon reality TV.

Another former Below Deck Down Under cast devotee who’s extremely worthy of a reunion is Kate Chastain. The funny ex-Chief Stew has been upon the operate by now its every one first season, and she’s been privy to large quantity of high-swap episodes in the joined to. Kate’s longevity once the franchise makes her the stubborn person to host a reunion special and quarters any questions from dedicated spectators. While it hasn’t been confirmed if Bravo will freedom a Below Deck Down Under reunion, the network has released several reunion specials for appendage series upon their lineup, including RHOBH and Shahs of Sunset. Below Deck Down Under fans have been asking for a reunion, and it could be just concerning the corner.

4. Ileisha Dell and Culver Bradbury Below Deck Down Under Reunion

While the crew of Below Deck Down Under sailed the ocean blue, the behave’s cast members had their fair portion of hookups and drunk make-out sessions. But one of the most intriguing boatmances was that surrounded by chef Ileisha Dell and lead deckhand Culver Bradbury. The two seemed to have a strong association and became a sound team upon the Northern Sun, but past filming over and ended in the company of they’ve both kept their association a unnamed. Both Ileisha and Culver seem to perform loud spirits as they’ve continued to perform upon add-on authenticity shows. But even if both have a social media presence, they don’t follow each other. This could be a sign that they are no longer together, or that their association is upon grip though they take effect upon subsidiary projects. Interestingly to your liking, Culver’s fellow crew members Brittini Burton and Jamie Sayed both have boyfriends that they’ve shared details very not quite considering fans.


It’s vis–vis a guarantee that any season of Below Deck Down Under will feature some realizable of hookup or boatmance. The latest spin-off was no exception, as Bosun Luke Jones and second stew Laura Bileskalne were warm from the be in after making unwanted advances to Margot Sisson and Adam Kodra, respectively. But the biggest ask fans have been asking is whether or not Culver and Jaimee are nevertheless together after the season finished.

Despite their upon-camera fighting, the two seemed to have an off-screen connection as adeptly. Culver has been functional upon a variety of oscillate projects and he recently posted a photo following his mother. He’s also a professional golfer and he has several golf-connected videos upon his YouTube channel. The fact that neither of them follows each new upon Instagram might be a sign that their relationship is on extremity of. But though it’s depressed to see the pair go their remove ways, it makes prudence that they’d throbbing to save their relationship private as long as attainable. Hopefully they can believe to be a habit to operate through their differences.